"You Can Build A Better Boat Than You Can Buy"  


  • LENGTH - 8'
  • BEAM - 4'
  • EMPTY WEIGHT - 100 lbs
  • DRAFT - 9"
  • SAIL AREA - 59 SQ FT
  • DAY SAIL - 4 Adults plus 2 Dogs
  • POWER - Sail, 7' Oars, 1-4 HP Outboard
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUE - Instant Boat Building
  • MATERIAL - 3 Sheets 1/4" Plywood, Framing Lumber, Epoxy, Fiberglass Tape
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE (PDF)- Plans and Manual sent by E-Mail. Take to a printer and have them printed out.
  • PRICE PDF- $65.00




In functional terms, Brick is the best eight-foot boat anywhere. She is an excellent sailor, carries a small outboard, rows standing up and has more room than any other boat her size. In addition, with two load water lines, one at 475 lbs. and the other at 875 lbs., she carries more than any other boat her size.

Brick makes an excellent family fun boat, fishing platform, car topper and dinghy. She can be sailed, motored and rowed. With her ability to hold four large adults and a big dog in comfort, and sail in 20 m.p.h. + winds with accompanying chop, she never ceases to amaze her owners and those who come in contact with her.

With this, much ability it is almost too much to ask that Brick be easy to build, yet she is. Anybody who can build a box can build Brick. Many build her to gain confidence for larger projects, and get a great boat in the process. Easily built in a weekend, she can be fitted out and in the water in less than a week. To figure out what Brick will cost to build, call a local lumberyard and ask for the cost of three sheets of ACX plywood. Multiply this by two, and you have what it will cost to build a Brick.

For me it is a great comfort to know that, in this complicated age, the simplest and easiest boat to build can also be one of the best.


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