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  • LENGTH - 19'
  • BEAM - 3'
  • EMPTY WEIGHT - 100 lbs
  • DRAFT - 4"
  • DAY CRUISE - Up to 4 Adults
  • DESIGNER - Gerald Estes
  • POWER - Row, 10 HP Outboard
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUE - Stitch and Glue
  • MATERIAL - 9 Sheets 1/4"Plywood, Ash Plywood, Epoxy, Fiberglass Tape
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE (PDF)- Plans and Manual sent by E-Mail. Take to a printer and have them printed out.
  • PRICE PDF- $110.00




The river namesake of the Columbia Canoe is big and powerful, as is the canoe. Designed to be fast under power (14+ mph with 10 H.P.) yet easy to paddle, makes this a unique pack style canoe.

To make it fast under power we left the bottom wide and flat aft of the midpoint, creating a water-ski like planing area. To maintain ease of paddling, in addition to the incredibly long waterline we hollowed out the forefoot to allow for an easy entry.

With the Columbia Canoe you will motor out quickly to where you want to go, then relax and paddle to sight see, watch the wildlife and/or fish. You will be able to carry enough camping gear for two for a week or more without having to spend a fortune on ultra light backpacking gear. Yet the boat is light enough for two to lift off a car top or a small trailer.


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