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Common Sense Boats now has a full boat shop, offering the following.
Full size patterns, Boat & Frame Kits for most of our boats.


Most people that want to build their first boat don’t realize that with many boat plans the builder must first "loft", or actually redraw the lines of the hull to full size before he can even begin construction. Learning to loft from an often confusing list of dimensions (Table of Offsets) is a major project in itself, CSB also offers this service.

In addition, there are logistical problems in lofting, unless you happen to have a flat floor virtually as long as the boat for the layout. This alone can be enough to discourage most beginners, and set out to find a better way. The result is CSB is now offering Full Size Patterns for many CSB boats and can make patterns from plans you have bought elsewhere. In short, CSB does the lofting and pattern making, to save you time, effort and to prevent errors and headaches. If you have tried to build a boat the "old way" and are frustrated, we at CSB can help. Full size patterns are available for most CSB designs.


I have been advising amateur boat builders for over 30 years on boat plans and building of all types of boats. Most of the time on plans they have purchased, I have also worked from published boat lines, plans without a table of offsets, scaling the dimensions and then lofting the lines to correct any errors. I have worked from existing boats, taking the lines (measuring) and creating a lofting for people on request. I can also modify the lines of a design to suit your needs.

Lofting is traditionally the first step in the boat building process. The name comes from the mould loft, the place where the lines of a boat were drawn on the floor full size to make patterns for the moulds used to build the hull. Lofting is an invaluable tool, since it allows the boat builder to correct any discrepancies in scaling a drawing to full size, and to derive many details of construction including bevels, rabbets and mould patterns. All that is required to loft a boat is a table of offsets, which is a set of dimensions of the boat taken from fixed baselines.

If you have bought plans and need full size patterns E-mail or call for basic costs for a lofting from a drawing and table of offsets would be as follows:

An approximant price for lofting services
Simple, hard chine hull,
Boats 10’ or less $150.00
Boats 10’ to 20' $250
Boats 20’ to 30’ $400.00
Round-bottomed hulls,
Boats 10’ or less $300.00
Boats 10’to 20' $400
Boats 20’ to 30’ 550.00

For larger boats, or complicated designs (tunnel hulls, etc.), would cost extra. I am happy to discuss your project and provide you with an estimate. My lofting is done on quality paper and provide builders with all mould shapes, planking, keel rabbet and transom bevels, expanded transom and lofted stem rabbet.

If you need more than paper patterns, CSB also can provide you with frame kits for CSB boat as well as many other boats. CSB frame kits include frames, stem, and transom. Call for prices for the boat of your choice.

CSB NOW has boat kits, all the wood parts cut out for you, and all you need is the space, tools and hardware to build your boat. If a full boat kit is for you call or email for prices.



Our plans are printed on paper most are 18” x 24” at a scale of 1” = 1’with instructions. Either in pdf. or hard copy plans mailed to you.



You receive the plans plus the frames, sides and transom drawn on paper at full size. Plus the plans are sent to you in a tube.



You can order the assembled transom and frames for CSB boats, also included are plans for the boat and instructions. Includes all of the wooden parts of the boat except for the plywood skins and stringers. Frames and transom are pre-assembled. You will need plywood, stringers, fasteners and epoxy to complete the boat. Our frame kit includes the stem,(if there is one for the boat) They are shipped ready for setting up on a simple jig (not included). All kits are FOB Nanaimo, BC



This kit includes all the wood parts, side panels, transom, bulkheads, stringers, decks, house stem and fasteners cut and ready to build the boat, you supply the paint or varnish, and epoxy. All kits are FOB Nanaimo, BC


Sails, rigging kits, masts, spars, and other items. Call or Email for details



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