"You Can Build A Better Boat Than You Can Buy"  


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For those who would like to build their own boat, Common Sense is the most important criteria. You want the most boat, in terms of accommodations and performance, for the money, time and effort spent building.

All designs are compromises, meaning that to optimize one design goal you must detract from another. Yet most boat designs seem to focus on creating boats that look like what many seem to think a boat should look like, at the expense of building ease, accommodations and performance.

Do you really want a boat that looks like a poor mans twelve meter, or a copy of an antique "character boat", at the expense of the fore mentioned criteria. Of course not! That is why all Common Sense boat designs are designed to specific goals, then tested to make sure they meet the goals, before plans are released.

That is why several Common Sense Boats are considered the best in their class. That is why, when you build a Common Sense Boat, you are building a better boat than you can buy.

If you believe form follows function, and want to build a boat for yourself, to enjoy on the water instead of to impress the neighbors, a Common Sense Boat is really the only choice.


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