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"You Can Build A Better Boat Than You Can Buy"  


Duckworks - The Online Magazine For Amateur Boat Builders

Wooden Boat - The Magazine for Wooden Boat Owners, Builders, and Designers

Messing About In Boats - In an age of information superhighways, Messing About In Boats is a dirt road linking backyard Noah's, would-be circumnavigators, steamboat restorers and weekend racers. It embraces virtually anything that floats!" (Boston Globe Magazine, August 27, 1995).

A Viking Canoe - For enthusiasts of Viking lore and good boats

Johns Nautical and Boatbuilding Page - Page full of Boating Links, ETC

All Volunteer Yacht Club - We are recreational boaters and the nautical-at-heart, swapping nautical jokes, boating stories and boat safety tips in our lighthearted newsletter and club web pages. Be sure and also check out our very popular printable calendar!

System Three - System Three Resins has been delivering the highest quality adhesives and coatings to woodworkers, boat builders and industry for over two decades.

World Panel - All about different kinds of woods

West Marine - Online Catalog for all their products.

- Search boats for sale, yachts for sale, sailboats for sale, new and used motor or sail and yacht brokers.

- Search motor boats, trawlers, sport fisherman, houseboats, catamarans and sailboats for sale

Island Teak Decking Products - Specializing in teak products for the serious boat owner!


53 Types of Boats and Ships Illustrated to Scale
The History of Maritime Communication and More!






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