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  • LENGTH - 16'6"
  • BEAM - 6' 3"
  • EMPTY WEIGHT - 325 lbs
  • DRAFT - 11"
  • DAY CRUISE - Up to 4 Adults
  • DESIGNER - Jerry Estes
  • POWER - Row, Small Outboard
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUE - Stitch and Glue
  • MATERIAL - 1/2", 3/8", 1/4 " Imported Marine Plywood, Ash Trim, Epoxy, Fiberglass Tape
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE (PDF)- Plans and Manuals sent by E-Mail. Take to a printer and have them printed out.
  • PRICE PDF- $120.00





I was inspired to design The River Dancer in Stitch and Glue style from Dave Nicholls Conchita in a lap strake design. This style of wooden boat catch more fish, but it had limitations and problems of currently available, wooden drift boats. These limitations and problems are:

  • Leaky and hard to repair side to bottom joints
  • Hard to maintain
  • Short useful life
  • Slow turning
  • Hard to row

To solve these problems, The River Dancer, has multiple chine's instead of the slab sides of current drift boats. With multiple chine's, you can increase the flair of the lowest side panel, without increasing the overall width of the boat.

This flair increases the boat�s buoyancy, without increasing its size. A more buoyant boat allows for a sharper entry at the stern and a narrower transom, without sacrificing load capacity.

In fact, a boat so designed will float higher than a slab sided boat with the same load. The narrow entry in the stern reduces the boat�s drag in the water. This makes it easier to row, while making it more maneuverable.

CSB made the design from glued lap strake to �stitch and glue�. This is an easier and stronger way to build boats. A few of River dancer's benefits over a traditional wooden drift boat are:

  • 30% Higher Buoyancy
  • Shallow draft
  • Floats over waves and holes
  • High capacity
  • Easy rowing
  • Quick turning
  • Very strong
  • Cannot leak
  • Light weight
  • Easy to build
  • All wood
  • Good looking

The difference between the River Dancer and The River Dancer HS, is

The sides are higher on the HS than the River Dancer.


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