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RD Laker 17'


  • LENGTH - 17'
  • BEAM - 6'
  • EMPTY WEIGHT - 275 lbs
  • DRAFT - 6"
  • SAIL AREA - 59 SQ FT
  • DAY CRUISE - 4 Adults
  • POWER - 15 HP Outboard or Row
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUE - Stitch and Glue
  • MATERIAL - 6 Sheets 1/4" Plywood, Framing Lumber, Epoxy, Fiberglass Tape
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE (PDF)- Plans and Manual sent by E-Mail. Take to a printer and have them printed out.
  • PRICE PDF- $110.00




My Father Leo Estes liked the River Dancer and the idea of a large stable boat, but he didn�t want a drift boat. Needing something with a motor on it, he decided to make some changes and the RD Flyfisher was born.

A large stable fishing boat that he could stand up in and he and his buddies could fish in comfort in. My dad a builder in his own right added a larger transom and built the boat a little over sixteen feet long. He�s very happy with the RD Flyfisher and has caught a lot of fish and had a great time in his RD Laker.

The RD Laker comes in 3 sizes to suite any kind of outing you need. A 13� Little Laker for 1 or 2 people, The 16� foot RD Flyfisher My Dad built, and a 17� RD Laker for up to 5 people .

All of the Lakers row great and motor very well, with a lot of capacity to carry gear and people in any lake or pond you desire.


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