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  • LENGTH - 16'
  • BEAM - 38"
  • EMPTY WEIGHT - 60 lbs
  • DRAFT - 3"
  • POWER - Paddle, Sail
  • DESIGNER - Jerry Estes
  • BUILDING TECHNIQUE - Stitch and Glue
  • MATERIAL - 6 Sheets 1/4" Plywood, Epoxy, Fiberglass Tape
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE (PDF) - Plans and Manual in a PDF Sent by E-Mail attachment. Take to a printer and have them printed out.
  • PRICE (PDF) - $80.00





The CSB Willamette Canoe is an easy to build, ultra light cruising canoe. Her multi-chine hull is as easy to drive as a rounded bottom shape, while maintaining stitch and glue ease of building and plywood's inherent stiffness and strength. Much lighter that a similar sized fiberglass canoe, she is also stiffer and stronger.

Willamette's long waterline and low rocker, combined with her rather narrow bottom, makes her almost effortless to paddle. Her soft bilges means she displaces water quickly when immersed, meaning she can carry and incredible load for her size. These features combine to make Willamette a great long distance cruising canoe. When you are not feeling so ambitious, or don't have enough time for cruising, she is a great day tripping and site seeing canoe.

For those who like their recreation tinged with excitement, with the addition of the optional sailing rig, the Willamette is an thrilling and fast sail boat.

Easily car topped, even by small individuals, we feel the Willamette is the best possible canoe for most people, and you can say you built her yourself.


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